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about my pottery

I make all of my pottery by hand throwing on the potter's wheel and I particularly enjoy the process of alternative firing techniques.  The results are always different and the different surface treatments gives way to many possibilities, leaving lots of room to experiment to produce unique results.  The whole process is exciting and full of surprises.  I like to think of my pots as blank canvasses ready for surface treatments far from traditional glazing techniques.  Alternative firing includes raku, horsehair, sagger, slip resist, naked raku, smoked, fumed and pit fired pottery.  

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gallery display

These pots are for decorative use indoors as none of them are food safe or watertight.  They look great as they are or with dried arrangements.  If you want to use them with flowers, place a watertight container inside the vase.  The finished pieces are sealed with bowling wax or polyurethane to protect the surface.

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